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Live Edge Wood Furniture

Woods Of Wisdom is a small, family owned and operated custom woodshop. We are made up of a father and son team that stands behind our products durability and strives to give our customers refined, rustic furniture that brings one-of-a-kind beauty into their homes. 

Live Edge Wood: Stylish and Eco-Friendly

Each piece of custom wood furniture is unique – especially when dealing with live edge wood. Widely trending on designer social media accounts and furniture stores, live edge tables accentuate the natural patterns of the wood slabs. 

Live edge wood refers to any wood slabs that are cut along the natural line of the tree, rather than trying to make a more symmetrical shape. 

Woods of Wisdom takes pride in our customized wood furniture. See one of live edge coffee tables below:

How Are Live Edge Tables Made?

The main objective when crafting a live edge coffee table or dining table is maintaining the wood slab’s natural style and beauty. This creates a more rustic look that is widely appreciated by designers all over the world. Plus it’s is no longer just for log and timber frame homes, live edge wood furniture looks great in any style home!

Typically, the process includes coating, staining, and finishing the wood by hand. However, the original shape and texture remain intact. Sometimes, knots need to be filled to create an even surface.

Is Live Edge Wood Eco-Friendly?

Shopping for a live edge table is a lot like shopping for vintage – its both stylish and sustainable. One of the greatest benefits of live edge wood is that many of the wood slabs used for customized tables have been previously deemed as “not usable.” Rather than consuming new resources, live edge wood is recycled from wood previously thrown away.  

You can relax knowing your new live edge coffee table is not only benefiting your home, but the environment as well! 

Purchasing a Live Edge Table

It’s hard not to want to purchase a live edge table right away. When you are ready, it is best advised to have your table custom made. That way, you will be able to choose the wood slab as well as the natural shape desired for your furniture. Consult with the team at Woods of Wisdom to craft your customized live edge dining table. 

Live edge wood is unique, which means you will be able to find a style and shape best suited for your home – no matter the style you are looking for.